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An online catalog is more than just an electronic version of print. A great online catalog should be the definitive source for curriculum and policy information throughout your website. Use that source to populate the directory, policies pages and departmental websites. Using catalog content to drive other parts of the site saves time and increases consistency.

In the sample below, the Majors and Minors pages each link to a description of the degree with details provided from the catalog. This is an effective method to make information about degrees easier to find with no less detail.

Majors and Minors

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Why invest in a system that only provides a few options, when IQ provides a one-stop solution for:
  • Catalogs
  • Curriculum Management
  • Electronic Student Forms
  • Syllabi

IQ's powerful web-based workflow, forms, email notifications and permissions are the answer to all your needs in a single, easy-to-use tool. Whether you just need a catalog management system or are looking for a better way to collect and route student forms, IQ has the module you need. Modules are can be implemented independently and the system can grow with you over time. Best of all, you only have to learn one system to manage everything.

  • Completely hosted, web-based technology
  • Relational Data Structure
  • Student Information system integration
  • Simplifies degree audit scribing
  • 24/7 uptime guarantee
  • Roles-based permissions
  • Electronic Workflows
  • Customer forms with additional security for student forms
  • Email notifications

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SmartCatalog technology and service far exceed my expectations. I highly recommend this product."
Tonya Hanson Huber
Normandale Community College
Print on demand No one wants to print catalogs anymore, but everyone admits that every year they need a handful. From the VA to accreditation to the President's coffee table, book demands are still around. With SmartCatalog's print on demand program, we can provide single printed copies (or a dozen) to individuals and departments who just can't live without the book. We work with, a subsidiary of Amazon, to create an online ordering interface. Users login and place their order. The book is shipped directly to them. There is no administrative hassle for you and the customer is satisfied.

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