IQ Features-at-a-Glance
Simplify the publishing process and free your staff to work on other projects.

The SmartCatalog System helps colleges and universities revise and publish curriculum data by harnessing the power of content management technology in a simple-to-use application. Based on a central data repository of curriculum information, the system creates an environment for faculty and staff to revise information. Content may be published to several targets simultaneously - the web, print, even Palm Pilots.

Version Control and Track Changes
Monitor changes word for word, just like your favorite text editor. Includes archiving, document and version control.
Highlight-and-type editing
Spell check
Find and Replace
Custom Dictionaries
Import content from other sources
Track changes
Audit Trail
Add comments
Electronic submission and approval process.
Customize workflow to mirror campus processes
e.mail notifications
Daily RSS feeds summarize activity in the system
Maintain a detailed edit history with date, time and user stamps for each version
Specify permissions for content including read-only, modify text only, modify typestyle, etc
Save and Return allows editors to re-visit content before submission
Guaranteed ADA compliance
Searchable Web Catalogs
"MyCatalog" personalization utility
Search-engine optimization
Integrate institutional branding, page design and graphics with web output
Produce multiple catalog versions and years
Archive catalogs automatically
Course pop-ups from degree tables
Linked cross-referenced courses
Link course descriptions to class schedules
Links to other parts of the institutional site
Printer-ready documents on demand
Order limited quantities of books online, shipped direct to the user
Risk-free integration with student information systems at no extra charge
Synchronize course descriptions between Student Information System and IQ
Automatic validation reports on each integration event
Course references in Degree Tables automatically update upon integration
Cross references automatically update upon integration
Custom online forms on your website
E.mail notifications when form is changed or downloaded
Custom multi-path workflows
Discipline- and council-based routing
Automatic advancement/promotion upon approval
Attach supporting documents to forms such as flow-charts or schematics
Classify change levels from small to significant
Track affected courses and programs
PDF files for committee members
History of approvals with commentary
Auto-lock forms after submission
Unlimited User Licenses
Completely web-based
.net Technology
Hosted Web Catalog
Published APIs
ASP/C# language
Migrate catalog data into the system prior to installation
Design content repository to leverage powerful SQL server tools and integration opportunities
Expand existing fields to include variables such as CIP codes, accreditation, program-specific admissions, etc.
Train technical and administrative staff on-campus, via web seminar or both
Provide support by phone, e.mail, fax and online
Protect your investment with automatic upgrades
What else can you do with it
  • Integrate existing Student Information Systems
    Because the system is based on SQL server technology and is OBDC compliant, you may integrate with Student Information Systems, both proprietary and custom.
  • Manage your entire website
    Robust workflow tools give campus web contributors the access they demand without losing control of your website. The system is server-based so nothing goes live until the webmaster approves it. No more rogue pages and confusing messages.
  • Manage curriculum development behind the scenes
    The SmartCatalog System is great for managing curriculum development and allowing colleagues to "talk" to each other at the draft stage. Imagine how useful this would be for curriculum committees as they work to develop new programs. Version control would allow them to see the genesis of programs and courses as they develop.
"Some of the old-timers here are amazed at how smoothly the catalog went this time. I know that it's largely due to your help and efficiency - I can't imagine going back to the old way of doing things"
Peter Grennen
Senior Editor/Writer
University Communications
University of Massachusetts, Boston